Property Search Service

  • We are finding that many people are keen to buy in this area but are unable to dedicate the time that is needed to find a suitable property or cannot see through the choice of agencies and information.
  • So we now offer a search service – in short we do all the legwork! We use our local knowledge and contacts to find you a short list of properties. All you have to do is make a quick trip to view a few properties that match the criteria that you have given us (see below).
  • All we ask is that you give us a few basic details of your ideal property – we will then contact you to discuss your requirements and also to get a better feel for the type of property you are looking for.
  • We will then start to search the local agents and other contacts that we have to find a few properties that meet your criteria. Once there is a suitable short list you can arrange a trip to view.
  • For this service we make a charge of between 700 – 1000 Euros, which is fully refundable once you buy a property through us. We will receive commission from the vendors’ agent (which is paid by the vendor) – so you get a great personal service at no extra cost!!!

Please complete the form below with details of the property you are looking for.